Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is this?

Boxaroo will be hosting its live puzzle events in Warehouse XI over the weekend of Jan. 24 - 26, 2020. There are 2 different events being run: The Perfect Heist: a crowd favorite, and 100 Earth Days: a new, never-before-seen event. Exact run times can be found on the homepage.

A live puzzle event typically contains a ballroom (this case a warehouse) of teams simultaneously attempting to solve a mystery at once. While not necessarily competitive, there is usually a goal to achieve before time runs out. Expect interactions with actors, pencil-and-paper puzzles, pencil-less and paper-less puzzles, a cash bar, more than 100 participants, and a constant bustle of motion and buzz of excitement!

Is this family friendly?

We are requiring all participants to be at least 18 years of age.

Will there be a bar?

There will be a cash bar at the event. All participants interested in partaking will be required to provide a valid photo ID proving they are 21+ years of age.

Are you selling shirts?

Yes! You can buy them when you register for the event, and you can pick them up day of. They're $18 each, super comfy, and will leave all your friends super jealous.

How Difficult are the puzzles?

The Perfect Heist is great for all levels of puzzlers. If you've done a couple of escape rooms before, it'll be a healthy challenge. 100 Earth Days is designed to be a tougher puzzle adventure, targeted towards individuals who have done longer, multi-hour "puzzle hunts". We've put together a rough scale here of where we think our experiences lie in terms of difficulty:


Is this a teamed event?

Yes! There will be room for roughly 20 teams of 6 people each.

What if I don't have a team?

Not to worry! If you would like to sign up as an individual or as a couple, we will match you up with other unattached individuals or teams that are short a member or two.

What if my team has 7 members?

Unfortunately, we're limiting our tables to teams of 6. We've found this to provide the best experience for our players. We recommend finding 5 more friends and registering a second team. Loser buys drinks!

What if my team has 5 members?

You may have a teamless individual matched up with you.


Do I need to pre-register, or can I buy tickets day of?

For this event we require registration ahead of time. Ticket sales will be open until 12pm the day before each event. But we'd suggest not waiting too long to register…

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we are not offering refunds for this event. However, we understand that emergencies happen. Please contact us at and we’ll work with you if something drastic happens.

What if I'm late?

Please don't be late! Mob bosses and red planets wait for no one, and the show will start without you! Doors will open 30 minutes before each event. If you’re worried about finding parking, aim to arrive when the doors open. If you succeed, the worst that could happen is you’ll have 30 extra minutes to booze and schmooze!


Do I need to fill out a waiver?

Everyone on your team will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival. This will be similar to the standard waiver you receive at our escape rooms. If you have any specific questions regarding the waiver please feel free to reach out.

Can I take pictures or video at the event?

Sure! We would love for you to take photos and share your memories. There will also be a professional photographer on hand taking photos throughout the event. We simply ask, as we do with our escape rooms, no pictures of the puzzles themselves. That way we can keep things spoiler free for all of our puzzling friends! Please put away your portable, handheld document scanner, Kevin...

Is Warehouse XI handicap-accessible?

Yes! Warehouse XI is most certainly handicap accessible, as are all the puzzles involved in Warehouse Weekend.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?


I have more questions! Help!

Hey, that's not a question... BUT we would be happy to help you out! Please shoot an email to and one of our friendly staff members will answer your more obscure questions.