Nothing could go wrong

A Boxaroo Live Puzzle Event

  • 90 Minutes
  • 20 Teams
  • 1 Mission to Mars

It’s time to celebrate! The Minerva Spacecraft has reached the halfway point of its 200-day mission to land a crew of humans on Mars. We’re throwing a party to thank all of you who have helped this mission to be a success thus far. Some may call the celebration premature, but of course, nothing could go wrong!

The Puzzle Hunt Details

Event Times Saturday, Jan. 25 at 8:30pm
Sunday, Jan. 26th at 1:00pm
Sunday, Jan. 26th at 4:30pm
Duration 120 minutes (90 minutes of puzzling)
Cost $48 per person
Location Warehouse XI
Team Size 6 People
Difficulty extremely challenging

100 Earth Days is an event for experienced puzzle solvers. Do you regularly seek out challenging events like the National Crossword Puzzle Tournament -- or Mystery Hunt? Then this is right up your alley! If you are new to the world of puzzling, you may enjoy The Perfect Heist more and will have a better chance of seeing the entire event!

Celebrate 100 days until Mars.
Nothing could go wrong
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Production Team

Event Director Caitlin Kenyon
Producer Robert "Fro" Myers
Creative Director Victor Hung
Productions Lead Camilla Ramirez-Arau
Fabrication Lead Brie Frame
Scriptwriter Kevin Corsini
Logistics Ali Aleisawi
Electrical Engineer Patrick Taylor
Operations Lena Barkin
Wayne Blossom
Michael Griffins
Gabby Haines
Paula Halpern
Mindy Ogilvie
Taylor Sorrentino
Ryan Teixeira
Time for MARS